Philipp Dangas: Web design and target group

Determination of the target group. Base of the Design concept


It is necessary at the fulfillment of a web project to take different requirements in the harmony: the supply and the size of information determining. The services limit for the customer/visitor and of course also define this for the target group. At this point one touches the boundary between service and the wish straight to realize accessible web design.


For which target group do you develop the web supply? My opinion () is after that the you should the most important question surrender before you carry out a web project. The most userfriendly web supply is only of use, too, when you the language of the visitor spechen, i.e. if you have effect emotionally and him something offering, what for him is useful and open his interest arouses.

You can reach all people at the same time by no means. You must decide specifically for whom your web offer shall be used. You can only then decide what shall contain what shall be the aim of your web project and how you structure and form it. The exact and concrete the target group is taken into the visor, all the easier this leaves himself reach.

The operator of a care service as an example must know approximately to what a potentzieller customer, mostly members, "attaches importance" speak what it is important for him at the choice of a professionelen care service: Qualification of the employees, punctuality, experience, contact, contact person.

On the search for the target group there is a possibility of dividing up the target group according to sociomographic features (age, sex, marital status, cultural area) and after personal characteristics (patience, Emotionalität, risk readiness, open-mindedness about a little new). The design choice should correspondingly be relevant, either rational or cheerful and carefree.


The base for the construction of a web presence forms the target group. The aim of having recurring visitors always therefore depends on the information content of the web supply. This (web supply) can go kindness and accessibility of a web presence at the expense of the users.