Philipp Dangas: Careful practice of his work

From consultation to planning to execution.


Careful work, in the service of the customer, gives you the opportunity to develop yourself (to recognize yourself in it) and ultimately to develop yourself.


The complex work of the web designer like the one of () always contains the danger of a constant stress situation. This is particularly valid if one is working as lone fighter and freelance. It is essential and therefore mandatorily required to keep his knowledge on the newest stand.

In turn the customer understands nothing of the complexity of a web site project. The necessary competences of a web designer are just as unknown to him as the necessary effort to remain up to date in the most fast-moving medium of our time. A customer is not interested in all this. A web site is as similar as a multi-page calling card of his company in the Internet for him.

It gets even more difficult: You must "serve" not only your customers, you make web sides primarily for the visitors of your customer. Web design is at full stretch work because the requirements on the web design are various. This is careful work prerequisite just because of this if one liked to convince the customer of his know-how and his competences.


The work of the web designer is complex, exact like the requirements of the customer. The constant update of his knowledge also is part of this complexity. This means work at full stretch. The careful practice of his work is caused by it to the prerequisite if the success shall not fail to appear.