Accesskeys-Help of Philipp Dangas

Indication for the use of the Accesskeys

One describes the simultaneous one or succeeding one another as Accesskeys pressures of several buttons on computer keyboards. By the use of such combinations you can directly side Beriche ansprigen in this web presence. Moreover, they also can call certain functions directly such as: Function for the change of the colors [ALT-Key + a-Key].

Please, you take into account that the Accesskeys supported by most browsers becoming. You permit jumping directly at certain links the web page about the keyboard.

Occupancy of the Accesskeys

Shortcut: [Alt + 0]
Go to side section "Home"
Shortcut: [Alt + 1]
Go to side section "Profile"
Shortcut: [Alt + 2]
Go to side section "Features"
Shortcut: [Alt + 3]
Go to side section "Services"
Shortcut: [Alt + 4]
Go to side section "Pricing"
Shortcut: [Alt + 5]
Go to side section "References"
Shortcut: [Alt + 6]
Go to side section "Project planner"
Shortcut: [Alt + a]
Show the menu zum "Color change".
Shortcut: [Alt + e]
The window opens to the delete the cookies
Shortcut: [Alt + f]
Show contact form.
Shortcut: [Alt + h]
Show the search form.
Shortcut: [Alt + k]
Color emphasis of the search string deactivates.
Shortcut: [Alt + l]
Activating color emphasis of the search string.
Shortcut: [Alt + s]
Show the menu for the language change.
Shortcut: [Alt + t]
Show the form for recommending the side.
Shortcut: [Alt + u]
Show or hide the functionbar.
Shortcut: [Alt + w]
Show the dialog box to print the web pages.

Putting into action of the Accesskeys

At the example of the Firefox:

= Shift-Key + Alt = Alt-Key + AccessKey